Zijin Mining's Kolwezi Copper (Cobalt) Mine Area Investigation Tour
Author:ANLI PARTNERS 2022-11-11

Since the Belt and Road Initiative was put forward, Chinese enterprises have entered more emerging economies such as Africa and Southeast Asia, participated in local construction, and obtained both economic and social benefits. With the strategy of Chinese enterprises going global, more and more professional service institutions such as Chinese law firms and accounting firms have also entered Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia to practice and have achieved good results, gradually changing the long-term situation that professional service organizations of Europe and the United States have dominated this region.

Since the comprehensive implementation of the full-service professional system, Anli has made major breakthroughs in professionalism, branding, and financial management, and has attracted many international professional legal talents. The joining of lawyers with rich experience in local work projects in Africa has laid a solid foundation for Anli to further develop the African legal service market.

Keeping up with the general development trend of the country, Anli will also take new steps and embark on a new journey. Anli lawyers have entered Africa to find new opportunities for clients.


Recently, entrusted by the client, the African team of Anli International Business Center set off from Hangzhou and landed in Lubumbashi, the second largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and started a half-year investigation on a gold mine in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a copper-cobalt mine in the south. At the same time, in order to better serve the development of Chinese-funded enterprises in Africa, Anli is also actively looking for excellent local law firms in various countries to cooperate with in order to meet customers' more diverse legal service needs.

The first stop of Anli on this trip was the Musonoi Mining Company in Kolwezi, the fourth largest mining copper company in the Democratic Republic of the Congo invested by Zijin Mining.


During the investigation, the person in charge introduced the situation of the copper mine and the legal and financial support required for its subsequent development to Anli and explained the development of Zijin Mining in other regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo, referred to as Congo (DRC), is known for its rich natural resources, including radium, tin, uranium, industrial diamonds, zinc, gold, silver, aluminum, iron, manganese, tungsten, coal, etc. DRC is an important copper-cobalt ore and lithium ore resource country. Under the increasingly tense international energy situation in recent years, many Chinese-funded enterprises have been cultivating here for a long time in view of the rich reserves of mineral resources in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to the statistics of the China Mining Association in DRC, the total investment of Chinese mining enterprises in DRC has exceeded 25 billion US dollars. Chinese-funded enterprises such as China Railway Resources, China Molybdenum, Zijin Mining, China Nonferrous Metals, Northern Mining, and Minmetals Resources are the main representatives.

The Koluwezi copper mine project is located in the southwest suburb of Koluwezi City, Katanga Province, in the south of the world-famous African copper and cobalt metallogenic belt. The copper mine project is located in the Zambia-Congo copper (cobalt) metallogenic belt, which runs diagonally through Zambia and the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is the third largest copper mine belt in the world. The project started the construction of the Pingji project in June 2015. On June 13, 2017, the mining, mineral processing, and smelting system of the company was fully completed and put into operation, and the first batch of crude copper products was successfully produced, which officially entered the production and operation stage. On March 24, 2018, the company officially started the construction of the second phase of the copper hydrometallurgy plant and put the plant into trial production on December 26. At the beginning of November 2020, the company has become the first overseas large-scale project with an annual copper output of more than 100000 tons under Zijin Mining.


Chinese-funded enterprises take root in Africa to invest and start businesses. They face many challenges, but they also have unlimited opportunities. In order to better help Chinese-funded enterprises adapt to local laws and regulations and the business environment, Chinese law firms need to grow rapidly and continuously improve service capabilities and levels of foreign-related laws, to respond more flexibly and adequately to complex and changing situations. In the future, Anli will continue to strengthen its in-depth relationship with Zijin Mining, and give full play to its professional advantages in overseas investment, with a view to developing various cooperation models in the future.

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